India Brown Ale 4.6% A.B.V

India Brown Ale

A brown ale, heavily hopped with American hops. Complex nutty, biscuit and caramel flavours and hint of liquorice, combined with a peppery, herbaceous dry hop aroma and robust bitter finish.

Available October

Contains barley and wheat gluten


Cask at JDWs in Surbiton. Full bodied, malty, nutty with a touch of sweetness. Enjoyable beer.
Kwik -lime, London • 23rd June 2014

Cask (Oliver Twist, Stockholm) - Copper brown in colour. Brown sugar, soapy hops, nuts and orange in the aroma. Chrstnuts,.chocolate orange and a hint of grapefruit can be detected in the taste. Very nice indeed.
SaintMatty, Sweden • 12th June 2014

Inital hop blast mingled with slightly burnt orange and caramel. Very nice polished mahogany colour. Very bitter taste that lingers. A very slight aftertaste of caramel stops this from overpowering. Draught sample with very nice conditioning, the finish is again very bitter. Overall, a very bitter beer which is rewarding the more it is sampled. It reminds me of a "picon" bitter chaser. Those with a sweet tooth will, I suspect, not enjoy but this is a very rewarding, uncompromising bitter ale.
ForlornHope Hampshire • 31st May 2014

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