Sumer Is Icumin 6.0% A.B.V

Strong Summer Ale

Named after a medieval English song, this full on pale ale has been brewed to a typical 19th century strength of 6% abv. Pale straw in colour but don’t let looks fool you, this ale packs a punch. Bramling Cross and Progress hops send you on a deep blackcurrant and spice hop adventure with a delicate malt sweetness.

Sip slowly and enjoy with the lark and the cuckoo.

Occasional brew.

Contains gluten


Cask (gravity dispense) at Kingston Beer Festival on 13 May 2011. A strong golden beer. Decent condition. Fruity aroma - pears and apricots spring to mind. Clean and fruity on the palate. Slightly sweet for my taste. Very easygoing and easy-drinking for a 6% job. Maybe a touch bit short of presence for a strong beer but pleasant and enjoyable enough. Could be dangerous though.
Chris, London • 15th May 2011

Sampled at Southampton Beer Festival 2006. The colour of a very light cider. Caramel aroma with sweet body and spicy finish.
B, N. Ireland • 14th May 2011

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